Photo: Katsuyoshi Tanaka, Joseph - Tokyo engagement

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat: US Tour

"Peter Surace, as Simeon – one of Joseph’s brothers who helped sell him into slavery and is now starving to death – belts out the lead part with a saucy mix of satirical self-awareness, deft comic timing and soaring vocals."


"Brother Simeon (Peter Surace)...was a charming scene stealer in his individual production number, taking full advantage of the “make it big” philosophy..."

"Also quite outstanding was Peter Surace as Simeon. His act-two number "Those Canaaan Days" caused the crowd to give a raucous ovation in the middle of the scene"

"The ensemble itself is the life-blood of the story with... Peter Surace (Simeon) bringing the most memorable featured solo in the show."

"Peter Surace, as Simeon, also charms the audience during 'Those Canaan Days'. This number offers up one of the most fun moments of the show he, and the other men portraying the brothers, clang silverware on the table in rhythmic unison."

The Mystery of Edwin Drood: Lyric Repertory Theater

"[A] cast standout is newcomer Peter Surace, who is dastardly as a lecherous choirmaster. But is he the villain of the piece? You decide."