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Podcast Appearances

What's Your Backup Plan? With Olivia Valli and Fiona Mcintyre (Episode 201)

 "In this episode, we chat with Jonah Ho’okano (Aladdin in the National Tour of Aladdin, Disney Cruise Lines), and Peter Surace (Something Rotten National Tour, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat National Tour, Disney Cruise Lines) about falling in love, navigating an industry shutdown together, and making their New York City apartment a home."


Cherin Feelings (Episode 3)

"Welcome multi-talented, musical theatre actor Peter Surace! Peter and I are former college roommates and have been friends since 2011. We discuss the ongoing commitment that all relationships require, our inability to read the subtext, and the importance of finding those that fan your flames. Peter opens up about his sexuality, nurturing one's self love, and comments that others don't ever really care as much as we do."

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